Varda Getzows projects are carried out in transitory places.
In the loneliness of hotels - houses of nomads, symbol of modern Bedouins, home both unstable as well as temporary.

According to Getzow, man is made of parts and pieces, she dresses them on the house of loneliness - man himself. The pieces are dreams, maybe wishes - unfulfilled but hopeful.

Getzows unique language expresses optimism, several layers, the visual being one of them. In her use of everyday objects such as socks or towels, the other layer is feelings.
Feelings are hard to define, but could be described as Getzows work in the hotel room, facing the ocean like her watercolors.
Watercolors dissolving, turning into memories, water has memory, has feelings and she surrounds the viewer who stands in the hotel room amidst piles of cloth, the dissolved colors and the water.
It's all about man's loneliness.

One cannot but think of morals when thinking of loneliness, thinking of loneliness is thinking of secrets.
When the colors are mixed the forms dissolve. Maybe man and woman in love lying in bed, flowing into one another and only a warm spot is left.

They get dressed and go, only a memory is left.
  Menashe Kadishman, sculptor